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How Solar 3.0 Technology Will Change Everything

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As far as our limited capacities are concerned, the sun is essentially an infinite and renewable energy source. It’s like a giant fusion reactor millions of miles away, illuminating the earth with as much energy as the whole of human civilization uses in a year! So, why aren’t we making more use of such a boundless source to solve all our energy-related problems?
Well, we’re actually pretty close to getting there, and in today’s video, I will show you how!

Solar photovoltaic panels are currently limited to a maximum efficiency of about 30%, and in practice only actually achieve about 20% to 23% efficiency. Now a team in Cambridge has developed a film that can amplify the number of photons that the panel can use, with a potential increase in efficiency to as much as 35%. So how do they do that?

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Why This Wind Turbine Will Change The World

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About fifteen years ago, humanity realized that if it does not want to be like the proverbial frog – which was boiled in milk for the sake of momentary comfort – then we must immediately stop burning minerals that create a greenhouse effect. Indeed, since the beginning of the 20th century, the average annual temperature on the planet has increased by 1 degree. If it continues this way, then in the 21st century it will rise by another 4 degrees! Fearing this, mankind frantically began developing green energy. Apparently, we have achieved impressive results. The total installed capacity of renewable electricity has doubled over the past 10 years and amounted to 2,537 GW. There are even countries – Iceland, for example – where the share of green energy was 100%! Costa Rica and Austria are closing in, while in Germany the share of green energy exceeds 50%. We seem to be crawling out of the warm milk, don’t we?

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Solar 3.0: This New Technology Could Change Everything

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Perovskite solar cells might revolutionize how humans generate energy from sunlight.
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In this video we’ll explore the world’s fastest improving new solar technology, and provide an exclusive peek inside the lab of a team working on this breakthrough material.

Imagine an inexpensive solution of perovskite crystals that can make a photovoltaic cell so thin, that just half a cup of liquid would be enough to power a house. A solar panel so lightweight, that it can be balanced atop a soap bubble. That is known as the holy grail of solar energy. So when will we see perovskite solar panels used for a solar power system for your home? Maybe sooner than you expect.

Currently, only 2% of global electricity comes from solar power. And 90% of that, comes from crystalline silicon-based solar panels, the dominant material technology.

While abundant, silicon has downsides related to efficiency, manufacturing complexity, and pollution that prevent it from being an absolute no brainer. Emerging thin films like perovskites present a bright future. Imagine solar cars like a solar tesla, solar yachts, or a solar plane.

Solar cell technologies can be classified into two categories, wafer-based or thin-film cells. Perovskites are the leading contender in emerging thin films. Topics covered in this video include applications, perovskite crystal structure, working principle of perovskite solar cells, efficiency limits, multi-junction solar cells, shockley-queisser limit, how solar works, solar simulator, band gap, manufacturing, vapor deposition, how solar panels are made, and the future of solar power.


Swift Solar – Efficient, lightweight solar power
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Renewable Energy Technology – Change for Climate Talks

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With a PhD in Microbiology and Cellbiotechnology from the University of Alberta, Jim Sandercock is the inaugural Chair of the Alternative Energy Technology program, a two year diploma in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Biorefining at NAIT. In this Change for Climate Talk, Jim discusses how energy efficiency and renewable energy fits into climate action.

Change for Climate Talks are short and inspiring presentations by local community leaders who want to share their ideas on how we can act on climate change. This presentation was filmed during the first Change for Climate Talks on Dec. 9, 2017.

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Harnessing The Sun And Wind: Inside Our Renewable Energy Future | Climate For Change | Ep 2/2

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In the second chapter of this two-part documentary series, daring people and enterprises take wind and solar energy to new frontiers across Asia through groundbreaking renewable energy projects. Deploying renewable energy projects on new terrain or on the sea is challenging but it’s transforming the region for good.

The programme features the installation of the world’s largest nearshore floating solar energy testbed in seawater, SUNSEAP’s 5MW floating solar system on the straits of Johor, north of Singapore. The sea presents new challenges and they must innovate to cope with fluctuating tides, waves, as well as wildlife, in order to send electricity back to the mainland.

The show also features the pioneering work of The Blue Circle, a wind energy company based in Singapore, as their team explores a new wind power site in Cambodia. It also features the development of the first foreign-owned wind farms in Vietnam.

Watch Part 1 of Climate For Change:

About Climate For Change: Meet individuals and enterprises pioneering projects that will bring cleaner energy to new frontiers. Clean energy will take courage but those who dare could change the world.
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Change of Power: The green energy transition | earthrise

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The world is in the middle of the biggest economic transition since the Industrial Revolution. The hegemony of fossil fuels is being challenged as the price of renewables comes down.

But there is still a long way to go. Global greenhouse gas emissions must be halved by 2030 to have any hope of reaching net-zero by 2050.

From a solar testing station run by the Qatar Environment and Energy Institute, earthrise travels to Orkney in the UK where scientists are developing one of clean energy’s holy grails – green hydrogen.

In Norway, we visit a carbon-neutral data centre cooled by hydropower. And we speak to Christiana Figueres, the co-founder of Global Optimism and former UN climate chief.

With reports by Cassie Farrell in the UK and Inspire Films in Norway, this programme explores the green society that could be ours.

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Ethiopia has an innovative power plant that turns waste to energy | Ways to Change the World

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This innovative power plant in Ethiopia burns waste to produce enough energy for up to a quarter of homes in the capital city, Addis Ababa.

The plant also produces water, eco-friendly bricks and creates hundreds of local jobs.

In the film, Global Managing Director, Samuel Alemayehu, talks us through how the project works and the impact and benefits it has for Ethiopia.

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