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Argonne explains nuclear recycling in 4 minutes

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Currently, when using nuclear energy only about five percent of the uranium used in a fuel rod gets fissioned for energy; after that, the rods are taken out of the reactor and put into permanent storage. There is a way, however, to use almost all of the uranium in a fuel rod. Recycling used nuclear fuel could produce hundreds of years of energy from just the uranium we’ve already mined, all of it carbon-free. Problems with older technology put a halt to recycling used nuclear fuel in the United States, but new techniques developed by scientists at Argonne National Laboratory address many of those issues.

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Who is leading in renewable energy? | CNBC Explains

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Around the world, governments are tapping into renewable sources to fuel the growing demand for energy. But as the conversation steers away from the costs of clean energy to the best practices, CNBC’s Nessa Anwar evaluates which countries are having the most success and the challenges that still lie ahead.


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