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Why China is Leading the way in Renewable Energy

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The renewable energy market has been booming over the past two decades. Earlier many countries perceived Renewable Energy Sources (RES) as a forced concession to environmentalists and did not believe in a prompt transition to “clean” sources. Now everything has changed.
In 2020, the European Union green generation left behind the coal and gas industries for the first time in history. The United States intends to increase its industrial-scale generation capacity by more than 30 GW (Gigawatts) in 21 years. Against this background, many people wondered who is leading the race for alternative energy today?
You are on the Innovative Techs and right now we will go over how China became the “green dragon” and seized the leadership in the field of RES.

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Who is leading in renewable energy? | CNBC Explains

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Around the world, governments are tapping into renewable sources to fuel the growing demand for energy. But as the conversation steers away from the costs of clean energy to the best practices, CNBC’s Nessa Anwar evaluates which countries are having the most success and the challenges that still lie ahead.


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