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Living Off Grid for 46 Years | Al and his Hydroelectric Water Wheel

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Living Off Grid for 46 Years | Al and his Hydroelectric Water Wheel

In this video, I meet with Al (82 years of age) one year after helping him rebuild/refurbish his hydroelectric water wheel. We discuss how the wheel has been performing since, and some of the issues he’s faced with it, as well as solutions and plans going forward. Al then gives me a more in-depth view of how he has managed to live on his property in rural Washington state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States for 46 years. A combination of solar power, his water wheel, and a backup generator provide him with off grid power. While a natural spring provides gravity fed drinking water to his main house, as well as his many unique and custom built out-buildings (including a sauna cabin). Al and I conclude our visit by hiking to the highest point on his 40 acre parcel of land to catch a view of Mt St Helens and reminisce about the 1980 eruption.

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Did we MAKE HYDRO POWER Using Our Waterwheel for Self Reliant Off Grid Living?

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6 Years Living on Solar Power is it Worth it? Let's Do the Math

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6 Years Living on Solar Power is it Worth it? Let’s Do the Math. I put it in black and white where you can see very easy.

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The Real Truth About Living Off Grid With Solar Energy

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We have unlimited power now, right?! Not quite. We discuss what it means to live with our new off grid 5.2kw solar array and how we manage power living off the grid.

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