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Renewable Energy from Recycled Materials – Make Science Fun

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Renewable Energy from Recycled Materials - Make Science Fun

I put this episode together to help a subscriber who has to do a Science Project on making renewable energy from recycled materials.
I found a few projects around the house I had built in the past, they are mainly based on Direct Current Motors being turned by some device to produce electricity. So using thrown out exercise bikes, electric scooters etc to generate electricity to power lights and motorized butterflies!
The finale is where I teardown a printer/scanner which had been thrown out, and using the print rail, generate electricity to make a creepy dolls eyes light up…
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5 Eco-Friendly Building Materials #1

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Five interesting building material innovations. Part 2 –
0:18 ➤ Hempcrete –
2:11 ➤ Straw Panels –
3:40 ➤ Interlocking Bricks –
5:13 ➤ Bamboo –
6:37 ➤ Plastic Blocks –

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