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In the Newsroom-Solar energy plants that produce eco-friendly electricity 환경위한

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Stories : From Start to Finish
Solar energy plants that produce eco-friendly electricity
Reporter Song Ji-sun
The solar energy business is in the spotlight as a new and renewable energy source. It’s because new technologies are being developed actively. Korea′s solar energy business has been stalled for some time, but it is being revitalized once again. Developments were more favorable in China, but the Korean market is booming once again. Plus, tariffs are added to solar energy products from China in the American market, and thus, Korean solar energy business is seeing benefits. Reporter Song Ji-sun did a report on solar energy to see its current state. Watch her interviews with solar energy panel companies and related personnel on “Stories.”

Stories : From Start to Finish
환경위한 착한 에너지 태양광시설
– 송지선 기자
태양광 사업은 신재생 에너지 분야의 화두!. 가장 활발하게 기술개발이 벌어지고 있는 영역이기 때문이다. 침체되어 있던 국내 태양광 사업이 기지개를 켜고 있다. 중국을 중심으로 개발 호재가 쏟아지며 내수시장도 들썩이고 있다. 여기에 미국이 중국산 태양광 제품에 반덤핑 관세를 부과하며 국내 태양광 업계가 반사이익도 누리는 분위기다. 태양광 패널의 현주소에 대해 자세히 알아보기 위해 송지선 기자가 취재에 나섰다. 태양광 패널 제작 업체 취재와 관계자 인터뷰 까지 송지선 기자의 취재 뒷 이야기를 상세히 카메라에 담았다.


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Eco-friendly products solution to global warming

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Eco-friendly products solution to global warming

Environmental conservation and the transition to eco-friendly products have been touted as the main solution to the looming global warming crisis. CNBC Africa’s Loise Wachira caught up with energy experts who attended a recent UN convention in Nairobi.

Eco-friendly boat that sails on solar power

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1. Old maritime vessels at the Sydney Maritime Museum
2. Replica of Captain Cook’s ship ‘The Bounty’
3. Pan across Bounty
4. Solar powered boat ‘Solar Sailor’
5. Pan across solar panels
6. Solar panel ‘wings’ rising
7. Set up of Robert Dane
8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Dane, inventor of the Solar Sailor:
“The idea came from the way that insects evolved wings in the sense that they initially grew little these buds to use as solar collectors and then eventually they evolved into wings and they used them to fly so we thought well boats can evolve wings and use them as solar collectors and use them to sail, which of course is a lot easier than flying.”
9. Mid shot solar powered boat, zoom in on wings.
10. Tilt down on wings
11. Wings on vessel turning
12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Dane, inventor of the Solar Sailor:
“It’s like the hybrid car in the sense that it combines electric motors and in this vessel a generator running on LPG (liquid petroleum gas) gas, but it could run on anything and so fundamentally it’s an all electric boat that’s running on batteries and the batteries are powered by the sun, and also by a generator and also by being plugged in.”
13. Traditional motor boat sailing along the water
14. Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke walking on board the solar powered boat
15. SOUNDBITE: (English) Bob Hawke, former Australian prime minister:
“Basically at the wharf there are zero emissions and all the available evidence says that this is the most hazardous part of ferry tug operations. They come into the wharf and they’re letting out all these hazardous fumes, well we have zero emissions at the wharf.”
16. Crew member tying boat to wharf
17. Pan over interior of vessel
18. Screen showing camera feeds onboard vessel
19. People boarding solar powered boat
20. Reverse shot people boarding solar powered boat
21. Various people on board the vessel
22. Solar boat on harbour
23. Various of solar powered boat on harbour sailing past famous Sydney Harbour Bridge
24. Set up of Anthony Haworth, CEO, Captain Cooke Cruises
25. SOUNDBITE: (English) Anthony Haworth, CEO of Captain Cooke Cruises:
“People who take this boat as a charter boat, take it not only because it’s a comfortable little ship but because she’s now an environmentally friendly boat that’s really good for the environment they feel good about doing it and it’s great to be able to operate something like this.”
26. Solar boat on the water
27. SOUNDBITE: (English) Paul Stratis, Solar Sailor captain:
“We’re able to tell the sails where the sun is, once we’ve done that the sun, and the sails will work automatically and it will adjust and give us the energy to make the vessel move.”
28. Stratis in boat’s control room
29. Control panel
30. Close pan across control panel
31. SOUNDBITE: (English) Paul Stratis, Solar Sailor captain:
“It can’t compare with a fuel or a diesel engine, obviously because a diesel engine is much bigger. But the concept of this one is that we’re able to use very little motors and use the sun and produce enough power to get the boat to move up to about ten knots.”
32. Petrol driven cruise ship
33. Sydney ferry
34. Solar powered boat on the water
Wings might be something we’re more used to seeing on a plane, but a boat sailing around Sydney Harbour has wings of its own.
Fitted with solar panels that provide it with a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy source, its inventor believes it will be the boat of the future.
In Sydney’s Darling Harbour it’s a case of the past meets the future.
The ‘Solar Sailor’ is the brainchild of a small town doctor Robert Dane.
Dane says that the boat operates similar to a hybrid car.

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Amazing Eco-Friendly Inventions | YOU SHOULD SEE NOW !

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Amazing Eco-Friendly Inventions YOU SHOULD SEE NOW !

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we’ve compiled a list of Eco-Friendly inventions that could help us cut back on plastic, reduce garbage in the sea, and make the Earth a better place.


+ Zera :

+ Shade Balls :

+ Edible Water :

+ Ecos PowerCube :

+ Wind Turbine :

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Top Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Home Electronics

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For more eco-friendly advice, check out our Green Living Tips:

We could all use a little bit of the 1989 lifestyle now and then—especially when it comes to home electronics. For sustainable living that will make you feel good, think about how you can (at least metaphorically and temporarily) cut the cord. Try unplugging electronics and going screen-free with your family. You may be surprised at what you all get out of it! Check out the many ways you can go green with your home electronics, including using rechargeable batteries and recycling electronics responsibly.


The digital age …who can really remember life before the internet anyway, right? But maybe it’s worth a shot now and then. Try going screen-free for a day: turn off the TVs, computers, phones and other electronics, go for a walk or bike ride—and while you’re out, unplug all your electronics and appliances.

Wait! Don’t throw your batteries and electronics in the trash … make sure you recycle them properly or choose rechargeable batteries instead. Speaking of going digital, dump the paper. Junk mail? No. E-billing? Yes!

About Green Mountain Energy: As the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer, we’ve been on a mission to change the way power is made since 1997. By choosing our 100% clean, renewable wind and solar energy plans for their homes and businesses, Green Mountain customers have avoided more than 81 billion pounds of CO2 emissions to date — that’s like taking 8.6 million cars off the road for an entire year! But, we’re more than just an energy company. We’re helping our customers make a positive environmental impact, support a cleaner grid and green their carbon footprints with sustainable living solutions, renewable energy plans and the purchase of carbon offsets. And, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club®, has donated more than million in grants to nonprofits for sustainability projects focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, resource conservation and environmental stewardship. For more information, visit and Together, we’re building a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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William McDonough on Eco-Friendly Design

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William McDonough, founder of design firm William McDonough + Partners and author of Cradle to Cradle, discusses environmentally friendly design. The Energy Seminar meets weekly during the academic year. For a list of upcoming talks, visit the events page at the Woods Institute for the Environment website.

Stanford University:

Stanford University

Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford:

William McDonough

Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

Paris escape game promotes eco-friendly energy practices | AFP

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Paris escape game promotes eco-friendly energy practices | AFP

Musical enigmas, digital puzzles, a Da Vinci code “cryptex”: the Goodplanet Foundation in Paris launches its escape game, with the aim of teaching children to care for the environment and reduce energy consumption.

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Hydrogen energy rises as next eco-friendly energy source

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미래 청정에너지, 수소전기의 발전과 한국이 나아가야할 방향

Many might relate Hydrogen to weapons of destructive power such as the H bomb.
That perception is gradually changing as it is in fact one of the most promising alternative power source.
For our newsfeatures tonight, Lee Ji-won provides an in-depth look into the potential of this green energy option.
With growing concerns over the environment and climate change,….countries around the world have been developing eco-friendly energy.
And many researchers have pointed at hydrogen energy as the next energy source.

Through fuel-cell technology,… the energy produced during the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen is converted into electricity,… with only pure-water as a by-product, making it a much desired eco-friendly fuel.
Hydrogen is made by splitting water or natural gas with an electrical current or by applying heat.

Seeing the possibilities of hydrogen energy, many firms and countries have been investing in the development of this new energy source, including Korean automaker, Hyundai Motor.

Producing the world’s first ever hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle back in 2013, Hyundai Motor brought the nation’s attention to this new energy,… and has been developing the technology ever since.

“Here in Yeouido’s Hangang park, is a showcase of the houses of the future… that are all powered by hydrogen energy.”

Everything in this house from the TV, to the food blender runs on hydrogen energy from Hyundai Motor’s latest hydrogen fuel-cell, and its byproduct is used as tapwater.

These hydrogen fuel-cell cars can produce around 10 kilowatts of electricity per hour, which is enough for a family of four to use for 9 days.

The car also lets out clean air,… by filtering the fine dust in the air to get oxygen.

From explaining how hydrogen fuel-cells work and power vehicles, to showing future plans of the city,… the showhouse seeks to share its vision of a clean-energy society with the public.

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Eco-friendly gym equipment burns calories and creates energy

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Eco-friendly exercise machines are making their way into gyms across the country. The List shows you what to expect.
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