1. Old maritime vessels at the Sydney Maritime Museum
2. Replica of Captain Cook’s ship ‘The Bounty’
3. Pan across Bounty
4. Solar powered boat ‘Solar Sailor’
5. Pan across solar panels
6. Solar panel ‘wings’ rising
7. Set up of Robert Dane
8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Dane, inventor of the Solar Sailor:
“The idea came from the way that insects evolved wings in the sense that they initially grew little these buds to use as solar collectors and then eventually they evolved into wings and they used them to fly so we thought well boats can evolve wings and use them as solar collectors and use them to sail, which of course is a lot easier than flying.”
9. Mid shot solar powered boat, zoom in on wings.
10. Tilt down on wings
11. Wings on vessel turning
12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Dane, inventor of the Solar Sailor:
“It’s like the hybrid car in the sense that it combines electric motors and in this vessel a generator running on LPG (liquid petroleum gas) gas, but it could run on anything and so fundamentally it’s an all electric boat that’s running on batteries and the batteries are powered by the sun, and also by a generator and also by being plugged in.”
13. Traditional motor boat sailing along the water
14. Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke walking on board the solar powered boat
15. SOUNDBITE: (English) Bob Hawke, former Australian prime minister:
“Basically at the wharf there are zero emissions and all the available evidence says that this is the most hazardous part of ferry tug operations. They come into the wharf and they’re letting out all these hazardous fumes, well we have zero emissions at the wharf.”
16. Crew member tying boat to wharf
17. Pan over interior of vessel
18. Screen showing camera feeds onboard vessel
19. People boarding solar powered boat
20. Reverse shot people boarding solar powered boat
21. Various people on board the vessel
22. Solar boat on harbour
23. Various of solar powered boat on harbour sailing past famous Sydney Harbour Bridge
24. Set up of Anthony Haworth, CEO, Captain Cooke Cruises
25. SOUNDBITE: (English) Anthony Haworth, CEO of Captain Cooke Cruises:
“People who take this boat as a charter boat, take it not only because it’s a comfortable little ship but because she’s now an environmentally friendly boat that’s really good for the environment they feel good about doing it and it’s great to be able to operate something like this.”
26. Solar boat on the water
27. SOUNDBITE: (English) Paul Stratis, Solar Sailor captain:
“We’re able to tell the sails where the sun is, once we’ve done that the sun, and the sails will work automatically and it will adjust and give us the energy to make the vessel move.”
28. Stratis in boat’s control room
29. Control panel
30. Close pan across control panel
31. SOUNDBITE: (English) Paul Stratis, Solar Sailor captain:
“It can’t compare with a fuel or a diesel engine, obviously because a diesel engine is much bigger. But the concept of this one is that we’re able to use very little motors and use the sun and produce enough power to get the boat to move up to about ten knots.”
32. Petrol driven cruise ship
33. Sydney ferry
34. Solar powered boat on the water
Wings might be something we’re more used to seeing on a plane, but a boat sailing around Sydney Harbour has wings of its own.
Fitted with solar panels that provide it with a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy source, its inventor believes it will be the boat of the future.
In Sydney’s Darling Harbour it’s a case of the past meets the future.
The ‘Solar Sailor’ is the brainchild of a small town doctor Robert Dane.
Dane says that the boat operates similar to a hybrid car.

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