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Hydrogen energy rises as next eco-friendly energy source

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미래 청정에너지, 수소전기의 발전과 한국이 나아가야할 방향

Many might relate Hydrogen to weapons of destructive power such as the H bomb.
That perception is gradually changing as it is in fact one of the most promising alternative power source.
For our newsfeatures tonight, Lee Ji-won provides an in-depth look into the potential of this green energy option.
With growing concerns over the environment and climate change,….countries around the world have been developing eco-friendly energy.
And many researchers have pointed at hydrogen energy as the next energy source.

Through fuel-cell technology,… the energy produced during the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen is converted into electricity,… with only pure-water as a by-product, making it a much desired eco-friendly fuel.
Hydrogen is made by splitting water or natural gas with an electrical current or by applying heat.

Seeing the possibilities of hydrogen energy, many firms and countries have been investing in the development of this new energy source, including Korean automaker, Hyundai Motor.

Producing the world’s first ever hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle back in 2013, Hyundai Motor brought the nation’s attention to this new energy,… and has been developing the technology ever since.

“Here in Yeouido’s Hangang park, is a showcase of the houses of the future… that are all powered by hydrogen energy.”

Everything in this house from the TV, to the food blender runs on hydrogen energy from Hyundai Motor’s latest hydrogen fuel-cell, and its byproduct is used as tapwater.

These hydrogen fuel-cell cars can produce around 10 kilowatts of electricity per hour, which is enough for a family of four to use for 9 days.

The car also lets out clean air,… by filtering the fine dust in the air to get oxygen.

From explaining how hydrogen fuel-cells work and power vehicles, to showing future plans of the city,… the showhouse seeks to share its vision of a clean-energy society with the public.

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Watch This Amazing Advancement of The Next Generation RENEWABLE ENERGY Today

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